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Boiling Springs Fire District to Bolster Emergency Medical Care

DHS to Fund Paramedic Training and Equipment for Greenville County Fire District

(Greenville County, SC / June 21, 2016) Officials with the Boiling Springs Fire District announced that medical care in emergency response calls is about to improve thanks to a $108,946 award from the United States Department of Homeland Security’s Assistance to Firefighters (AFG) grant program.

Through the grant award – requiring a 10% ($10,894) match from Boiling Springs – the District will be able to fund educational training to certify all line personnel to the Emergency Medical Technician-Basic (EMT-B) level and 12 of those line personnel to the Emergency Medical Technician-Paramedic (EMT-P) level before they progress towards an Advanced Life Support (ALS) certification and participation in the community para-medicine program.


Chief Steve Graham of Boiling Springs Fire District said, "Our response data from recent years indicates that we’re continuing to see a substantial increase in the number and severity of emergency calls in our area. Because of the strategic placement of our four stations, we can respond faster and begin lifesaving care long before an ambulance arrives. Our county EMS is overburdened, and many times our firefighters are on-scene up to 20 minutes before paramedics arrive to provide more advanced care. Statistics like this illustrate how imperative it is that we increase our medical capabilities to better serve our community.”


Tom McDowell, the District’s commission chairman echoed the need for advanced medical care for emergency responders. “The equipment and training provided through this grant will be used in our community numerous times each day. With more than 60% of our call volume now being coded as medical responses, our residents, businesses, and visitors could see immediate impact when the trainings and certifications are put in to use. By putting responders with more advanced training on the scene quicker, survival rates can be significantly enhanced.”


McDowell added, “We are also fortunate to have an advocate like Congressman Trey Gowdy who understands that seconds and minutes truly can be the difference between life and death. Working with Congressman Gowdy and his staff helped secure this grant and will ultimately help save lives.”


About the Boiling Springs Fire District

Established in 1968 and located on Greenville County's Eastside, the Boiling Springs Fire District is an ISO Class 1 rated department that covers 15 square miles and serves over 26,000 residents. Governed by five commissioners recommended by county council and appointed by the governor, the Boiling Springs Fire District is a special purpose district responsible for addressing specific concerns and local issues among commercial and residential interests through over 40 paid personnel and nearly 20 volunteers operating out of 4 fire stations.

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