Boiling Springs Fire District

Proud to be an ISO Class 1 Rated Fire Department

Our Personnel

Steve Graham, Fire Chief
Bill Sizemore, Assistant Fire Chief
Don Alleckson, Assistant Fire Chief
Jeff Nelson, Assistant Fire Chief - Fire Marshal
Gary Rogers, Battalion Chief - Chaplain
Chris Camacho, Captain - Community Risk Reduction Manager/Fire Inspector
Chris Huff, Lieutenant - Fire Inspector
Shelby Alleckson, Administrative Assistant
John Gilstrap, Battalion Chief/EMTRob Henley, Battalion Chief/EMTBrad Hart, Battalion Chief/EMT
Johnny Rabon, Lieutenant/PMHeath Rogers, Lieutenant/A-EMTChris Best, Lieutenant/PM
Josh DeVore, Lieutenant/EMTAlex Wrennall, Lieutenant/EMTScott Fitzgerald, Lieutenant/EMT
Brian Childress, Lieutenant/EMTJerry Pera, Lieutenant/EMTMonty Stubbs, Lieutenant/EMT
Tim Ratkowiak, Lieutenant/EMTLisa Ball, Lieutenant/A-EMTTony Lohrman, Lieutenant
John Tripp, Engineer/EMTGene Watson, Engineer/EMTJoel Watson, Engineer/EMT
Carroll Rollins, Engineer/EMTAdam Moore, Engineer/EMTElliott Padgett, Engineer/EMT
Craig Baucom, Engineer/EMTHayden Knapp, Engineer/EMTEthan Morris, Engineer/EMT
Michael Gilbert, Engineer/EMTMatt Jackson, Engineer/EMTKim Stuber, Firefighter/EMT
Seth Easler, Engineer/EMTJarell Binns, FirefighterAndrew Bowen, Firefighter
Chris Smith, FirefighterSpencer Lilyea, Firefighter/EMTTrey Hudson, Firefighter
Jacob Rodgers, FirefighterSeth McQueen, Firefighter/EMTAustin Abbott, Firefighter
Maria Cook, FirefighterNaaman Lukie, FirefighterXabri Williams, Firefighter
Caleb MacEwen, FirefighterZachary Chapman, Firefighter 
Weekday AssignmentsVolunteersStudent Interns
 Perry Hall, SupportJack Fuller, Firefighter
 JR Christy, SupportNatalia Talia, Firefighter
 Bill Flack, Support 
 Jimmy Shaver, Support 
 Bill Cline, Support/EMT 
 Brian Henson, Suppression 
 Joe Piwtorak, Suppression 
 Patti Graham, Support 
 Bradley Seidl, Suppression 
 Brannan Crook, Suppression 
 James Farrell, Support 

Effective July 1, 2022

Position Announcement Firefighter/EMT