Boiling Springs Fire District

Proud to be an ISO Class 1 Rated Fire Department

Our Personnel

Steve Graham, Fire Chief
Bill Sizemore, Assistant Fire Chief
Don Alleckson, Assistant Fire Chief
Jeff Nelson, Assistant Fire Chief - Fire Marshal
Trent Cason, Lieutenant - Deputy Fire Marshal
Richard Campbell, Captain/EMTRob Henley, Lieuntenant/EMTJohnny Rabon, Captain/PM
T.J. Allen, Lieutenant/EMTChris Osment, Lieutenant/EMTBrad Hart, Lieutenant
Josh DeVore, Lieutenant/EMTBrandon Funderburk, LieutenantChris Best, Lieutenant/PM
James Thomason, LieutenantSteve Funk, Engineer/EMTMike Ross, Lieutenant
Chris Hearn, EngineerCarroll Rollins, Engineer/EMTScott Fitzgerald, Engineer/EMT
John Gilstrap, Engineer/EMTBrandon Waldrep, Engineer/EMTCliff Chaney, Engineer
Chris Huff, EngineerBrandon Asbell, Firefighter/EMTBrian Childress, Firefighter/EMT
Joel Watson, Engineer/EMTHeath Rogers, Firefighter/EMTMonty Stubbs, Firefighter/EMT
Steven Carpenter, EngineerDakotah Anderson, FirefighterZach Shipman, Firefighter
Craig Baucom, Firefighter/EMTGene Watson, Firefighter/EMTMatt Jackson, Firefighter
Alex Wrennall, Firefighter/EMTTrevor Fowles, FirefighterAdam Moore, Firefighter/EMT
Naaman Lukie, FirefighterMalik Gibson, FirefighterTim Ratkowiak, Firefighter/EMT
Jamie Lee, Firefighter/EMTLisa Ball, Firefighter/EMT-AEthan Morris, Firefighter
Brandon Payne, FirefighterKaleb Chapman, FirefighterElliott Padgett, Firefighter
Eric Schipper, Firefighter  
Timothy Truell, Firefighter  

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