Boiling Springs Fire District

Proud to be an ISO Class 1 Rated Fire Department

Serving the Community

Are you interested in helping others through participation in today's fire service?

The Boiling Springs Fire District continually accepts applications of the position of Full-Time Paid Firefighter.  The applications are reviewed and held for consideration when vacancies occur within the ranks.

These positions are most typically among the suppression force and are principally firefighter positions.

All personnel of the Boiling Springs Fire District that are active interior structural firefighters must successfully pass annual medical physicals, drug screenings, and annual job related physical agility testing to stay active, whether paid or volunteer.  An example of typical  firefighter duties is provided below.

Example of Typical Firefighter Duties

Lift, drag or carry items up to and including the weight of a human being; work in protective clothing in temperatures in excess of ambient temperature or below 32 degrees F; perform clerical work, including prolonged sitting or standing; work under mental or physical stress; drive apparatus, including trucks, vans and cars; climb ladders; work in areas where good balance is required; work in confined spaces and/or wear self-contained breathing apparatus; crawl on hands and knees; perform medical aid duties; work in close proximity to others; perform housekeeping duties; perform repair and maintenance on facilities and equipment including apparatus; attend classroom and outside training sessions; make public presentations to all age groups.